Feed me oil – 3 star walkthroughs – EPISODE 1 – BIG OIL PIPELINE

I generally wouldn’t blog about something like games but, I really happened to love the new iPhone game I purchased – Feed me oil. The best $0.99 spent.

The game kept me occupied during long road travel, flights and just generally when I got bored or had nothing to do (like now :-)  ).

Some cool things about the game:

  1. Each ‘oil spill’ has a different outcome.
  2. You may not succeed with the same configuration at a time however you may be surprised when you run the oil spill again.
  3. The physics logic applied in the game is tremendously powerful.
  4. Patience is the key. Some scenarios may take longer than you expect.
  5. The episodes are in increasing order of difficulty – Duh! & introduce new elements as the game progresses.
  6. Not using hints is a great way to keep you entertained. I will admit that it can get frustrating at times. Some levels just don’t seem right!
  7. Don’t get nervous if too much oil is spilling out of the screen. You WILL get it back.
  8. Kudos to the guys at Chillingo. You rock. Can’t wait for the new episodes.

Here are some 3 Star walkthroughs of some of the levels that I have managed to clear.



Get an IQ Test done if you can’t clear that this level. You CAN’T not clear it.



Just place the beam at the perfect angle & give it time. It will work.


Pretty simple & straight forward.


There are multiple solutions to this as you can you can place to the rotating crosses in any order. But there is only one 3 star solution.

Believe it or not this is the 3 star solutions. (Until the Chillingo dudes fix a possible bug). Wait for the oil to get squirted into the destination.


This is how you solve this with just one element.


There are two ways to do this. 1) completely block the oil from spilling on the button with one element. 2) Use the rotating element to push the oil into the destination.

Doesn’t seem like this will work … Just give it some time.


Straight forward!


A simple 2 fan setup is the answer.


Same as 1-9. Don’t bother about the spill. Once the button is oiled the first fan will take care of the rest.


Easy peasy!


Placing a single wind on the top as shown does the trick.


A single element is enough to squirt the oil into place.


The trick here is that just one wind element on either side pushes the oil until the button & that’s that! You don’t need another element on the other side.


Placing the fan right below the nozzle and give the oil a proper angle diverts it right into the destination.

Stay tuned for further episodes.

~Dhananjay Rokde

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